Why to: crowdfund for a book by a (new) writer

There was a time when writers and artists depended on the largesse of a rich benefactor. In today’s information age, one doesn’t need to go looking for such a patron. Self publishing a book is no longer accessible only to select few because of easier access to technology.

Even small contributions from a few donors can keep any artist going. Crowdfunding has especially been a boon to new writers who are looking to get self published.

Here are a few reasons to consider crowdfunding for a book: 

  • The 1000 true fans theory: Read about this revolutionary theory. If you already have a fan-base, even a thousand people, you can do pretty well for yourself. This will work, especially, if the fans are dedicated.
  • Build a fanbase: Even if you are a new writer, the process of crowdfunding is such that it gives you the chance to build a fanbase. Or at least, reach people who are eager to read your work.
  • Validation: If enough people pitch in into your campaign, it shows that there actually is a market for your work. The process would not work for you if you can not engage and involve enough people in your work.
  • Pre-orders: One big advantage of crowdfunding is that even before being published, your book already has a few buyers. Again, this gives you a sort of validation as a writer to keep churning out more books.
  • Creates a buzz: If you use the social media right, you could create a whole lot of buzz about your work. This will help you not just for the book in question but for all the subsequent projects you undertake.
  • Gives you control: The process of self publication is liberating for a writer. The book produced at the end of it is entirely the labor of his love. Everything from the cover design, to the content and format of the book will be as you want it to be.

So how exactly do you go about doing this? Wait for tomorrow’s blog post where we will share some cool hacks about publishing a book using crowdfunding. You can also browse through some of the other topics on this blog.

PS: Don’t forget to check out Crowdera, your very own international and free crowdfunding destination!