This spring, give a makeover to your fundraising plans

Spring is a time when people’s wardrobe undergoes a big change. Just like that, a nonprofit’s fundraising needs a makeover with the change in season.

We give you a few ideas on this much-needed makeover. Take some clues, experiment and share your ideas on the topic with as well.


Take it outdoors: Spring is the perfect season to take your fundraising outdoors. Bake sales, yard sales, breakfast buffet, beach volleyball, car wash – the options are endless. As we have said in many of our blog posts earlier, these outdoor activities can also be tied in with an online fundraiser. With occasions like Easter, Mothers’ Day, Earth Day, Water Day and the like, you could even organize a themed event.

Say it with flowers: Flowers abound in this season. It would be a great idea to include them in your fundraising efforts. You could have them as a reward for your donors, or send them over to express gratitude to some of your regular and generous contributors. Or you could do the same with some candy on Easter, seasonal fruits or other stuff synonymous with the season.

Walk the talk, run in the sun: This is also  a great time to use a very well known fundraising activity. If you plan to walk or run in support of a charity or nonprofit, now will be great.

Go crazy and brighten up: Whether its your social media pages, the letters you send to donors (the old fashioned donation appeals still work) or the decor of your workplace, you should align it with the season.

And, when you make the transition into spring, make Crowdera a part of your plan. On this global platform, you can raise funds from supporters from all over the world for FREE!