Do people crowdfund only for sad and serious things?

When we hear reward-based crowdfunding, especially personal needs fundraisers, they are all about bringing people together to help during personal tragedies. But is it always a tragedy that triggers one to crowdfund? Can there be crowdfunding opportunities in the happy occasions in people’s lives as well?

Well, we can list down a few examples of occasions where the community can come together to make a happy occasion happier. One thing to remember while running such a fundraiser is not to act entitled at any point. Also, remember to think up of rewards that add value to the contributor’s life as well.

WEDDING: Definitely, the happiest and the biggest day in anybody’s life, a wedding can be an expensive affair. Not just women, every man also has a certain vision of an ideal wedding.  You can raise some help from the people around you before the wedding, instead of afterwards. Essentially, you can crowdfund to realize that ideal scenario on your big day.

HIGHER EDUCATION: Most of us only dream of getting admissions into some of the best schools around the world. A few lucky ones get through. Among them are some who can’t afford the high tuition fee. A crowdfunding campaign can come to the rescue in such situations.

QUINCEANERA/BAR MITZVAH: Or any other coming of age ritual from any part of the world. These are also occasions when the teens in question are very particular about how they would like the event to go.

FESTIVALS: Let’s stray away from personal fundraisers for this one. How about making the festivals (plenty to choose from!) special for someone less fortunate? It can be a great way to bring your local community together to help brighten Christmas for residents of a senior home, or bring Easter cheer into the pediatric ward of a hospital. The sky is the limit with this one.

Got any of these happy occasions coming in and need help in celebrating? Come over to Crowdera and create your free fundraiser. But before you do, make sure to put in some thought to prepare for a successful fundraising campaign.