Get Social…Appoint a Chief Enthusiasm Officer!


After the initial burst of activity you will need to keep up the momentum.  Staying engaged for the duration of the campaign is key!  Appoint a chief enthusiasm officer to make sure frequent updates are sent to your network and supporters.  Include pictures, video and project updates.  Campaigns with more than 25 updates have raised upward of 400 percent more funding than those with less than 5 updates.

Crowdfunding campaigns succeed because they appeal to people’s passions and interests, whether it’s to raise money for a new playground, class trip or to help provide clean water to a community in need.

Campaigns with short videos, less than 3 minutes, are nearly 50 percent more successful than those without.  Grab your digital camera or smartphone, keep it simple and tell your story! Take a peek at some of the projects currently on and get inspired!