The Tricky Issue of Causation

At #FEDU, our focus is on higher education and funding, but those are really just two pieces of the larger education conversation.

As we all know, education is rife with problems, from those that FEDU tackles, to those of subsidized lunches, SAT scores, and affirmative action.

With all of these issues, we struggle to full comprehend the problem and come up with adequate solutions because all of the pieces are tangled in an inseparable web.

A really good piece by Maria Popova titled Sleep and the Teenage Brain is an excellent reminder of how despite our best efforts to reduce education into manageable little segments, the overlap and interplay is enormous.

There really is no answer here, no shinning light, rather just an acknowledgement of sorts: When tackling such messy issues as education, never assume too much.  The rationale for one action may be wholly unrelated to its preceding or next action.

FEDU is working towards drawing really strong connections between two actions: The lack of funding and a reduced access to higher education.  We do know though that plenty of other factors exist in this ecosystem and we are trying to address them simultaneously.