The Vibrancy of the World that Surrounds Us

Yesterday, my phone blew up with notifications of my friends sending me pictures of them getting bombarded by colors in celebration of the Festival of Colors.


The coolest part? These updates came from friends from multiple backgrounds and in several settings: a Madagascar-born friend working in Mumbai, a Filipino coworker completing the Color Run in the Bay Area, and a Nepali boyfriend celebrating at an orphanage in his home country.


Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.31.08 PM
Jin Tran at a Holi race!


Holi, a Hindu festival, has spread around the world and is now celebrated seemingly everywhere. People may stare blankly you tell them that Holi is about celebrating the triumph of Prahlada over Hiranyakashipu, but what they do understand is that learning about others’ culture and traditions is a powerful tool.  And nobody can resist the thrill of throwing colors on our friends.


These days, technology has connected us so much that we can get the best of all worlds. Americans can run in a race based on a Hindu festival. From San Francisco, I can reconnect on Holi with friends I’ve met from ten months of living in India, as well as Atlantans with whom I ran the Color Run two years ago.


I joined the FEDU team because I saw the same principles of universality and connection. After working with low-cost private schools in India for a year, I sought a way to stay deeply involved in enabling education for the poor upon my return to the states.  FEDU allowed me to use the internet to connect people over the cause of enabling education, and I’m so excited that as our work falls into place, I can use this work to pay back into the community in India with which I celebrated Holi one year ago.


Happy Holi!