The Reason to Keep Working

Much of my day is spent going from meeting to meeting, phone call to phone call, and meal to meal.  I enjoy my work, but I understand that not every second of my life can be devoted to dreaming of change.  I like to think of it as pragmatist by day, dreamer by night.

FEDU is working to empower education, and that takes work, much of which – the aforementioned meetings, phone calls, and food – falls into the pragmatic rather than dreaming category.

As such, it can be easy to lose sight of the ultimate inspiration, enabling education for all.  Obviously our work at FEDU has this mission and so everyone knows it, but the everyday minutia can cloud that vision.

So the picture Kundan (part of the FEDU India team) sent us was such a great way to remind ourselves why we put in long night after long night.  If there every was a reminder that ultimately our high level and detached work can turn into actual impact, this is it!

“I want to inspire other small town girls to study, by being the role model”

– Pooja, Age 13. She aims to be a Doctor.

Despite the pragmatic side of me will still go to work on Monday, the dreaming part of me will be content knowing that girls such as Pooja are reaping the rewards of our efforts.  FEDU is aiming to change the world through education, and success stories like Pooja’s are what keeps us going.  The future is looking brighter.