On the Cusp of Change

Every day for the next week, the FEDU blog is going to highlight one of the students. Today’s is Puspalatha, who hails from Tamil Nadu, India.  She says “I need help with tuition to complete my physics degree.”

Puspalatha has overcome many losses in her life. After her mother and grandmother passed away, her father remarried, leaving Puspalatha to move in with her grandfather. Despite these challenges, Puspalatha has managed to not only pursue her education but reach the highest levels. She now needs help to finish her MSc in Physics.
Education is really the backbone of the future, for what is not our world dependent on than those who will take the reigns?  It is imperative that we take the time to educate those who are striving to change our globe for the better.

From students whose communities were devastated by the Asian Tsunami of 2004, to visually challenged young adults seeking training in Information Technology, we have some deserving educational initiatives for you to fund. Our beneficiaries not only want to earn their degrees in order to secure a stable income for themselves, they also want to help their younger siblings continue pursuing their educations and support their parents. With every contribution, your dollars not only impact their lives, but their families and communities as well.