Another Student Looking to Improve the World

In a recent post on TeachThought, our own Andrew Koved wrote about the idea of the education multiplier effect, which talks about how the output of education is greater than the sum of its inputs.

The education multiplier effect is at the core of what FEDU is working for:  A world where education generates equal opportunity and empowers individuals to lead fulfilling and prosperous lives.

At this end, today’s highlighted student is Durga, from Tamil Nadu, India, who is studying technology. She says “I need help paying to complete my degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.”

Durga is in her second year of university, working to get her diploma in electronics and communications engineering. Durga’s mother works as a farm laborer to support her family as her father has handicaps that make it difficult for him to find employment. Her sister volunteers at a local nonprofit. For Durga, receiving her degree would be a means to help support her family and secure her future.

Education may not be the sole fix to our worlds’ problems, but her is a woman who has a solution to improve the livelihood of a whole community with just a few dollars.