Earth Day is a Day to Celebrate

Yesterday, I wrote about World Book Day, and how it is one of my favorite days of the year. It may be a little long in the tooth, or passé at this point, but my other favorite day of the year also happened to be last week: Earth Day!

Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970, which according to my calendar, makes this the 44th year in a row, and means we have to start thinking about our blowout 50th celebration.  This will be the subject of another post.
What Earth Day means to me, and I suspect many others, is a time when those around us come together to recognize the great work being done, and that which needs more help.  My introduction, which again is likely many people’s introduction, came at school, where my teachers talked about the importance of conservation and the environment.
These core tenets of Earth Day are those that we try and teacher others who may be unfamiliar with the importance of April 22nd.  Pradeepa, one of the new students on, is training to become a teacher.  The Earth is the only planet us humans have, so it behoves us to cherish it, and to instill these values, we often look to teachers.  Maybe the best chance we have at a livable future is enabling people like Pradeepa to teach future generations the importance of Earth Day

Pradeepa is not only determined to complete her own education, but also to educate others. She is currently at a training college to become a teacher. Her parents are day laborers who have worked hard to send Pradeepa and her two younger sisters to school. Pradeepa hopes to now fulfill their hopes for her while securing a job shes proud of.

We celebrate Earth Day ultimately because we have an obligation to our children and their children to protect the world.  What better way to do that than be in a position to teach and enable those children than becoming a teacher?