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Many people sit down for a big dinner over the weekend, with friends and family, looking back at the week that was, and look forward at the upcoming week.  Whether you are seated around a table, in a circle, or on the ground, the main event is always the food.

Food, for all of its wonderful qualities, is complicated, requiring whole disciplines dedicated to its study.  The science that goes into making and understanding food is complicated, as to are the economics, politics, and even social aspects.  Although the impact of food and crops are numerous and varied, at a base level, the study of agriculture is the dominant field in regards to understanding our fuel source.
As such, the study of agriculture is really more than just learning about the building blocks of our food, it is the study of how humans thrive.  Going to school for agriculture is a noble goal, and one for which Elakiya –a new student on – is aiming.

Elakiya is the sole earner in her family. After he father passed away from illness, her mother also fell sick. Now, Elakiya is a day laborer struggling to take her of herself and her mother. Putting food on the table is a decision she must weigh against buying medicine for her mother daily. By receiving her degree in Agriculture, she hopes to advance herself to a position that will give her a more sustainable source of income

We all need food to survive, and here at FEDU, we argue that education is a vital necessity too.  Elakiya’s journey will amazing to watch, stay tuned!
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