Dancing for Success

The American Dream –or the Chinese Dream, the Indian Dream, the Cuban Dream…– is to many a fallacy and myth, but to many others is a very really dream that acts as their motivation and guidance.  Changing your economic station in life and improving past what your parents achieved drives and fuels people around the world to work and strive.

Economic mobility, the less exciting name for the American Dream, is tied closely to your level of education.  Every year around when students are graduating from college, a new report will come out discussing the income benefits of attending college. (See latest report here)  This is not to say that holding a college degree is either the key to success or happiness, but rather much of the economic mobility in the world can be linked to gaining more education.


Pablo (center) and a glorious amont of FEDU merch!

To this end, FEDU teamed up with Dance Connection to fundraise college tuition for Pablo Ampuero, a Bay Area student enrolled to attend the University of California at Riverside.  Pablo will be the first in his family to attend college, if he can raise the money.  He said, “I am really happy that the event raised so much money.  My family has been struggling financially, but I really want to be the first in my family to go to school”.  Pablo will only be able to attend school if he can cobble together a combination of fundraising and scholarships.

This is really the crux of the issue for many low-income students: The potential future earnings are being limited by their current lack of capital.  We place a huge value –both monetarily and socially– on gaining education and yet provide little help to those trying to accomplish this goal.

Pablo’s story is one of promise, that the community around him came together and raised nearly eight hundred dollars towards his school fees, and one of progress, that we as a collective society can recognize the importance of education and strive to enable access for everyone.

FEDU is working towards this goal of improving economic mobility through education, and we want to acknowledge and praise everyone who attended the Zumba event, at Dance Connection, and in the community for recognizing the importance of Pablo’s dream.  Here is a metaphorical tip of the hat to all of you!

Let us end this blog post with two notes.  The first is to all of those who are striving for higher education –whichever level this might be– please keep going and learning, your success is vital not only to yourself but everyone.  The second note is more of a task for you as the reader, which is to look around your community and find your local Pablo; find the student who is trying to achieve their version of the American Dream and assist them.