Feeding the Body is Feeding the Soul

This is part of our series about Taste of the World.  Check back every few weeks to read more!
How do you discuss food without getting hungry? Maybe by telling a few jokes: A burrito is a sleeping bag for ground beef… Rice is greater when you are hungry and you want two thousand of something…

Anyways, this month FEDU is launching a partnership with Taste of the World Market (TOW), and we couldn’t be more excited –or hungrier!.  TOW spotlights local food trucks and culinary delights from around the world, bringing them together in an awesome, tasty location every week.  TOW focuses on bringing the Bay Area foods from around the world in a way that makes the lunch hour exciting.


TOW Market is a great partner for FEDU because along with making our Thursdays from 11 – 3 festive, full of food and music, they bring another dimension to FEDU.

Food is a centerpiece of cultures around the globe, having its underlying roots in almost every facet of our lives.  History is literally defined by how and what we ate, from the hunter gatherers of old, to the more modern industrial revolution spurred by access to fruits and vegetables, and the workforce revolution driven by the TV dinner.


Food and education remain as important today as they have been throughout history, but we have reached an era when investing in them is no longer optional, but imperative.  To bring people into close contact with their food is to show them the value of what they eat, beyond being just a source of fuel; FEDU knows that education becomes more than just books and equations when you have an opportunity to increase your schooling.  Taste of the World is the book fair, the guest lecture, the MOOC, of the food community, enabling people in interact with their food on a more personal level.


Everyone agrees that education is vital, and in the same way, food remains a top priority.  The partnership between FEDU and Taste of the World Market is one of promise, that the world will be smarter and tastier in the future.  


Come out and support the Taste of the World Market at the Pleasant Hill BART on Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm, for food, music, and a great time out.  You could even stop by and say hello to us!