Austin EcoNetwork’s 2014 The Election Navigator

Austin EcoNetwork has created community-driven data-rich tools to empower voters in Austin’s first 10-1 election.

The Election Navigator helps voters identify the strongest, most sustainability-minded candidates for City Council and Mayor. We had a great run in the general election and have already re-tooled the site for the runoffs.

Producing this took months of surveying public priorities, wrangling data (some of it never-before-released), building tables, analyzing candidates’ answers to 5 different environmental questionnaires and writing summaries, designing infographics, conducting interviews and scanning candidates’ websites to gather their perspectives and priorities regarding water, energy, transportation, food & forest, zero waste, climate change, and general leadership issues.

About the team behind this initiative:

Austin EcoNetwork is the hub of the green scene in Austin, and was established to connect people with the resources and tools they need to make a difference in their personal lives, at work, in the community and in our local government.  AEN is uniquely qualified to assemble this information.

Everyone can benefit from the free information, calendars, and tools everyday by subscribing to the Austin EcoNews at, liking them on Facebook or following @AustinEcoNet on twitter.

How You Can Help:

Support Austin EcoNetowk’s campaign, give it a social share and get ready for the runoff election December 16th!

Help do your part to keep Austin Green!