Why do sex crimes happen? What can be done about it?

A number of sexual offenses like rape, molestation and groping take place and affect thousands of teens and children. It’s high time that the global community does something to curb the sexual crimes worldwide.

Festival of Globe, Silicon Valley (FOGsv) has come up with the campaign with a mission to empower youth against sex crimes. FOG charity aims at educating and empowering the youth and work towards eradicating sex crimes and spreading the message worldwide via multiple channels, including the FOG Music Fest.

The music fest will have renowned artists like French Montana, Berner, Mally Mall and Anjali World among others utilizing the power of their music in the fight against sex crimes. FOG has also partnered with Crowdera, a free crowdfunding platform for the cause. Donors can select from a variety of rewards, including tickets to the Music Fest and opportunities to meet the performing artists. To donate click here.

Here are the 9 heinous reasons why sex crimes are happening and why we need to fight it:

  • Humiliating or hurting the victim – One of the most common causes of sexual violence of any kind is to humiliate the victim or to avenge an insult that may have been caused by them on the perpetrator. This kind of assault is usually very brutal as it is done to quell the anger felt by the offender towards the victim, or to assert their power and dominance.
  • Because the victim is easily accessible – In around 75% cases, the offender is someone whom the victim trusted enough to be in close physical proximity with them or present themselves in a vulnerable condition to. This includes family members, friends, colleagues and classmates.
  • No knowledge about the birds and bees –


Lack of sex education is another reason behind the outrageous crimes taking place. The sex education taught in school deals with only the facts about the sex and ignores the issues, which obstructs teens from making responsible decisions.

  • Substance abuse -Consumption of drugs and alcohol increases the desire to get the sexual pleasure. It decreases the coyness and impedes good judgment.
  • Sadism – Some people get excited, or can only get sexual pleasure by inflicting pain on their partner. Such people are also likely to cause more physical damage and torture on the victim.
  • Gender stereotypes – 

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Beliefs that girls who dress or behave a certain way are ‘available’ or were ‘inviting’ men to rape them abound in several countries. Depiction of women as mere sex objects in media only makes matters worse. Even relatively tamer stereotypes like, ‘Men are expected to initiate any physical intimacy’, ‘Good girls will refuse before giving in to a man’s advances’ and ‘Even when a man says no, he means yes’ also cause a big number of sexual assaults.

  • Wish of giving up virginity at the earliest opportunity – Indulging in sexual activities is seen as normal these days, teens have been mistaken that everyone is doing that, so they can also have it. But the fact is that majority of the teens, that is 54% of the high school teens are virgin. The hormonal changes in teens produce intense sexual desires, and when a teen is unable to control these urges he/she becomes part of inhuman sexual acts.  
  • Having been sexually assaulted – Research has shown that victims of child sexual abuse are likely to molest children when they grow up. It is also a behavioral trait shown by people who have suffered physical violence, lack of emotional support or otherwise volatile family environment during their childhood. Extreme hurt, hate and aversion caused due to the dominant upbringing by parents, school and association can give birth to heinous crimes. Lack of affection and love can make one aggressive and harsh.
  • Failure of law to act as a deterrent –


In USA, only 6 out of a thousand perpetrators of sexual violence ever go to prison. One can only imagine the situation in other countries where the legal system is not as strong. In fact, some of these countries put the blame on the victim. Since there is no real fear of conviction or punishment, many of the sexual offenders keep repeating the crime.

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