We live in a world where stories of gore and strife are more common than the happier ones. Therefore, uplifting stories that testify that not all of humanity has got corrupt, or something that make you go “Faith in humanity, restored!” hold a special place in one’s heart. They personify the humane-ness that was supposed to be the characteristic trait of all human beings. Therefore, we call them the humane beings.

At Crowdera, we recently came across a family that took in some four-legged members and made them a part of their clan.

For artistes Ninad and Sunito Gidwani, it all began with a battered dog during a spell of heavy rains. The couple who couldn’t have kids due to medical complications took in this dog and started treating him as their own kid. The second kid of the couple was a pup they rescued when they found it being ill treated by some kids. Over the last 16 years, the family has expanded to include 53 cats and dogs, including a blind cat.


Recently, the cottage industry that Ninad ran and which paid for all the expenses of his large family has run into trouble. The unit’s activity slowed down considerably due to less demand over the last couple of years. The earnings of the family have been shrinking since, which is why they are running a campaign to collect funds for the proper upkeep of their pets .

We hope and wish that this family inspires many more to become humane beings and shower kindness to all the beings near them.

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