3 ways to giving back to society

We all are busy with our lives, set in our routines. Most of our time is taken up by trying to gather resources to pays our bills. This often means we are left with no time and energy to pursue any of our passions or to support the social causes we believe in.

You may be interested in contributing towards betterment of underprivileged people, or advocate an environmental cause or even help animals in pain. If you nod yes to this, then you’re amazing person! *pats on the back*

It’s not necessary that you wait for retirement to contribute to these causes. So here I present 3 ways to you can contribute towards betterment of your society.

Plan savings

As soon as we get our first salary, we start making plans about spending it. Not many think about keeping some of it for the future. But are we spending any amount to the small child who is dying out of starvation? Or are we helping the pets who may die anytime on the roads?

Pledge some amount out of the monthly or annual savings to a trusted NGO. Alternatively, you could spend the money on people you know, or come across regularly who might be in need.


Several NGOs are on the lookout for professionals who can work for them for even an hour or two every week. These organisations work for causes ranging from rehabilitation of street kids to saving stray animals to making street art popular. A quick Google search would bring up the names of many such organisations working in your area. By joining these Non Government organisations one can directly provide help to the needy. Everyone should try this once in life, it feels good.

Financially supporting the causes you believe in

Many of us can not make time to physically work on-ground with the NGOs. However, we all have some causes we believe in, and some changes we want to bring about in the society. You can do this from the comforts of your own homestead in several ways.

You could arrange for a regular donation to be sent to an NGO of your choice. Remember, lack of funds is the biggest concern for these organisations. And your contributions can help them much more than you would know.


Going a step ahead from here, you could even create a crowdfunding campaign for the organisation. Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. This new method is not just cool but also practical! Browsing a crowdfunding platform regularly would show you those who need funds, and their causes. You can contribute as per your interest, and savings!
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