When we hear giving, we usually think philanthropy. Not only do we end up substituting a simple word with a big, complicated one but we do the same with the associated action. Giving is a simple act that brings joy – to both the giver and the recipient. It can be done by anybody, even with those with very humble resources. This is what separates it from philanthropy which can only be done by the resource-rich few. Through this section of anecdotal tales of giving, we tell you stories of people whose lives were positively impacted by giving.


The Bible has this story of a woman who ‘gave the most, even while giving the least’’ for the service of the community.

The woman was among those who had been to the Temple where many rich people were putting in big amounts in the temple treasury. She put in a very small sum in comparison to the donations of the others.

As soon as she had made her contribution, Jesus declared that the woman had put in more in the treasury than all the other donors. He explained this by pointing out that while the others gave a small portion of their wealth, she gave all that she had to live on. He told his disciples that it is the gesture and the faith with which one gives rather than the size of the donation that is more important.

This story and the remark made by Jesus tells us that a kind action doesn’t necessarily require to be done by a person with more resources. It is the thought that counts.
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