Goodbye Chandrashekhar

Thursday started with a very sad news about a battle that we seemed to be winning ending abruptly. Despite the best efforts put in by volunteers of Good Samaritans India, doctors at Hyderabad’s Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), several donors and the innumerable prayers of well wishers, #SaveChandrashekhar campaign ended in loss for all of us.

It all started when Minal, our product manager in India got a call from George Babu from Good Samaritans India. He told her the story of an inmate of their shelter home who had been a victim of a violent crime only recently.

Chandrashekhar, a daily wage labourer from Suryapet, had been handed over to the volunteers as a destitute whose survival was dubious. His only family – a widowed sister who had two small daughters to take care of – had to get on with her life knowing that she didn’t have sufficient resources even to take her brother’s body back home. GSI took up the responsibility of taking care of Chandrashekhar’s treatment.They had decided to raise the funds for this on our platform. 

Understanding the urgency that the situation demanded, Minal quickly made the campaign live despite it being a weekend. Within the first four days of running the campaign, 33% of the required amount had already been collected. This put everybody involved in good spirits. Our team also started putting in more efforts towards spreading the word about the campaign.

However, all these efforts went vain as Chandrashekhar could hold on no longer. Bringing the saddest end that a campaign could have, we have to bring #SaveChandrashekhar to a halt. We only wish he has finally found the peace and solace he could not see in his 23 short years here. #GoodbyeChandrashekar