One of the most exciting tennis tournaments in history may have ended in disappointment for Roger Federer. Yet the tennis ace did what he does best – win hearts and games despite the odds stacked against him leading to his loss being touted as ‘the human face of sports’. FedEx, as he called by fans, is not just humane on the court, but off it as well, proven well by his charitable work.

For more than a decade now, Federer has been running a foundation named after himself. It helps children from underprivileged backgrounds get the right opportunities in education, and encourages them to take up sports. In fact, he also supports a charitable organization doing similar work for kids in South Africa.

There are several other causes that he supports including raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, rehabilitating victims of natural disasters and poverty eradication. No wonder than that he was chosen by UN to be their Goodwill Ambassador, a role under which he speaks about HIV transmission from mothers to kids.

Despite being one of the highest paid tennis players, he has organized a lot of games and tournaments for raising money to help victims of natural disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Haiti earthquake and the Queensland floods. In his attempt to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina, he even auctioned his racquet.

All this proves that not only is Roger Federer a Grand Slam Cham, but also a grand specimen of a human being.