Independence Day – A Reminder To Strive For A Better Society

It’s that time of the year again! When the thought of a long weekend away from work excites us. Oh wait, you need to perform one duty in this time though – attending or watching over the television a flag hoisting ceremony.

It may be an oft repeated complaint that plastic patriotism has become the mainstay of national holidays in India. But how are we supposed to feel any other way when all that we have heard about our country’s supposed tryst with destiny being secondhand or perhaps thirdhand accounts?

To answer this, we need to ask another question. Is the tryst over, or are we still unfolding new chapters in our destiny as a nation everyday? I would like to believe it’s the latter. And, in that case, our duty towards the nation is also an ongoing, continuous process.

Seven decades ago, it may have been in the form of gaining Independence from foreign powers. Today, it ranges from making it a clean, bribe-free, non-corrupt and fair place to live in to bridging the ever-increasing social gaps that exist in the form of caste, language, religion, economic and so many other differences.  

Do you still have the question about relevance of the day in your mind? Let’s break it down to the simplest answer. We can start by gaining independence from the various social vices that bog down our society. Let all of us take up one such social evil, and do our best to fight against it.

At Crowdera, we are trying to do our bit in helping many a good fight. You can participate in one of them, too.