More power to Jake Austin’s Shower to the People

While most people may like to ignore the homeless people around them, a pastor from Missouri started thinking of their daily needs and how he could help. He realized that among these necessities, hygiene is one that often goes unnoticed even by the government. This often means that the homeless either had to put themselves into potentially hazardous situations or not take showers for months together. It was this realization that led him to transform a truck into a mobile shower unit for the homeless called Shower to the People.

Missouri resident Jake Austin (31) observed that food and clothing was easier to come by for the homeless than a private, safe place to bathe and wash up. To provide a solution to this problem, he bought a used truck for $5000 and worked on remodeling it. Since May, the truck has been moving around several localities in St Louis, Missouri, providing not just a safe private space but also toiletries to the homeless. These toiletries are made in a unit manned by some formerly homeless people.

The entire initiative was taken because of Austin’s belief that proper hygiene and grooming can help restore confidence and hope among those living on the streets. Being clean and presentable also means they are more likely to get jobs, or keep the ones they already have. It also helps in protecting the dignity of the less fortunate people, believes Austin.

People like Jake Austin who keep the needs of others above their own make us proud. Here’s wishing he has inspired some more people to give back to the society, even to those who can not do anything in return, especially to those less fortunate than themselves. 

From all of us at Crowdera, Kudos to Jake!