Humanitarians have declared a dignified death as one of the basic human rights. Many people don’t share this sentiment, though. In every Indian city, one can find old, frail people by the roadside and outside temples. These are often people whose families have driven them away or abandoned them. Perhaps, because the choice was between spending the limited resources of the family on the daily expenses like food and clothing, or on the medical expenses of the elderly member.

For many such ill-fated people of Hyderabad, Good Samaritans come to the rescue. More than 50 people stay at the Home for the Aged and Shelter for the Sick that the non-profit, non-governmental organisation has been running since seven years. A former event manager George Rakesh Babu, engineering student Jasper Paul and M Venkatesh have also rescued around 500 old citizens off the streets of the Indian metropolis in all these years. The organisation takes all of these rescued people home, takes care of their food, medicine and other needs.

When asked about the reason for starting the shelter, George shares with people his belief that everybody deserves to live comfortably towards the end of their life. “They must have faced a lot of difficulties and must have gone through many struggles during the journey of life to reach their age.

Jasper, who is also a part of a band, divides his day between attending college, practicing music and rescuing abandoned people off the streets. He has also been able to enlist the help of several college students in the rescue operations, especially through social media.

Having worked for all these years on providing a happy, comfortable and dignified life to the inmates of their shelter home, the Good Samaritans are now focusing on providing them a dignified death as well. They plan to do this by means of some body freezer boxes that would help them to stall the decomposition of the bodies of the inmates who have passed away. They have started a crowdfunding campaign for the freezers. Please contribute to their cause and help the inmates of their shelter homes feel some dignity in death.

body freezer box