The Tata way of giving back

The Tata way of giving back

In the premises of every plant of Tata Motors across India, one can find blood banks. Employees who donate blood at these banks can not only take a leave on that day but can also avail a compensatory leave in the next week.

Some management executives noticed that this policy was being used by employees to take extended holidays, causing the loss of several man-hours to the company. They informed Ratan Tata of what they thought was a misuse if the company’s benevolence. One of the senior officials even proposed to do away with the extra holiday policy reasoning that the donated blood gets replenished within 24 hours.

After hearing the concerns and suggestions of the officials, Tata smiled and told them to calm down. He said he understands that only a few of the employees donated blood because they wanted to.

Talking about the loss to the company he said, “You all are thinking about the man-hours we lose due to these donations, but you should also spare a thought about the man-hours added to the lives of those who receive the blood from our blood banks. I think it is okay to lose out on a few man-hours for the company if it can improve the lives of others.”

Ratan Tata has always referred to himself as the custodian of what his family has stood for in the last hundred years of India’s history. The Tata group’s philanthropic leanings can be understood by the fact that trusts set up for various causes own 66% of the group’s holdings while the Tata family members hold around 2% shares.

This is one family that has consistently shown us that #givingiseasy. We all can do soem amount of it. You can do it, too. Wanna find out a few worthy causes that you can start with? Follow this link.