Random Acts Of Kindness = Happiness

We all know how one-kind-deed-a-day is supposed to spread happiness and smiles. But did you know that random acts of kindness also make the performer happy? This has been proven by scientific research, you see. In fact, a researcher from University of California goes on to claim that the ‘dosage’ of happiness can be managed by managing the number of good deeds per day!

The researcher, Sonia Lyubomirsky is a psychology professor who has been studying the science of happiness for more than two decades. Her own studies and others on the topic have led her to conclude that there are three important aspects when it comes to happiness inducing power of kindness. These are VARIETY, FREQUENCY and MOTIVATION.

She found that doing the same kind deed everyday does not make one as happy as doing many, varied acts of kindness over time. Also, certain actions that definitely make people happy are more effective in terms of giving the maximum happiness it can if it is performed at a regular interval, yet not too often that the performer gets bored by it. Another funding of the study was that one become happier when they choose the act themselves rather than being forced into it.

Being happy is simple then. Just figure out the acts that lift your spirits the most and time them in a way that makes you merrier.

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