Using Voices and Hands to Empower Guatemalan Youth

We have all heard the proverb that tells us the difference in feeding a child for a day and teaching a child to fish. This difference is perhaps what prompted volunteers of Voces y Manos to help in ensuring sustained efforts in the development of the poor, rural communities in Guatemala.

Literally meaning Voices and Hands, the volunteers of this organisation raise both their voices and hands to carry on this task. They do this through projects like building community gardens, raising awareness about soil conservation, organic farming and composting. In all this, they involve teenagers and young adults from the local community. While their short-terms goals involve individual projects, their ultimate goal is to empower the local youth who are equipped with the skills and the experience required to lead their communities, specifically in the areas of health and environmental sustainability.

Previously, Voces y Manos has helped the youngsters from the region for an agro-ecology project in which fifty farming families in the region were provided with the know-how and equipment to conserve soil and grow nutritional food. They have also addressed the widespread malnutrition in the country through the community gardens they maintain with the help of volunteers. Other than these projects, Voces y Manos also provides scholarships to the ambitious youth from the community.

Three of their interns, Jeni, Armando, and Macario and summer volunteer Sarah are now working towards improving the health status of the local population. They need financial backing for the surveys to help identify the problems and come up with solutions for some small projects that would be held during the summer. You can help support their cause through their campaign on Crowdera.