Why should non-profits opt for crowdfunding?

In a recent survey among non-profits, it was found that the biggest worry of most people working with such organizations is raising funds. Understandably so, as all the efforts, time, planning and vision of an organization that steps out to good for others stand wasted if they can’t finance their ideas. In the recent years, crowdfunding has emerged as a great solution for non profit organizations. There are several benefits of utilizing the power of internet and the donor base of crowdfunding websites in order to fulfill the funding goals of a non-profit. We have compiled a few reasons here that make crowdfunding a good fit for non-profits.

  • Effective utilization of volunteers and supporters: Crowdfunding often helps all team members in a non-profit get involved, irrespective of their role in the organization. All that needs to be done from their side is to share the campaign details on their social media pages. If you can get your supporters to the same, it would only increase the chances of success for the campaign.
  • Easy digitization: Most crowdfunding platforms allow you to spread the word about your  campaign through different channels, especially social media. By spending lesser time and effort than required to physically get through to donors, volunteers of a non-profit can chip in support of their networks as well through sharing the campaign on their social media pages. What’s more, the entire transaction history of donors, donations and other details can be recorded without much hassle.
  • Deadlines make more funds come through: With crowdfunding campaigns comes a sense of urgency as they have an end date. This makes it more likely for the donors to pitch in. However, it is important that your campaign justifies this urgency. Instead of just saying that the organization needs a certain amount, specify how the funds will be utilized and why they are needed within the given time.
  • Increasing your donor base: Usually the donors to a non-profits are people whom the volunteers know. A crowdfunding campaign helps increase the donor base by projecting the organization in front of a new crowd. Your campaign still needs your own crowd for building the initial traction, but new crowd would come in subsequently to hold the momentum and increase it. You may even gain some new repeat donors, or long terms supporters through this exercise.

Found it inspiring? Log on to www.crowdera.co and start a campaign for the non-profit you support.