Mother Teresa’s lesson on utilizing resources

The world is excited about the canonization of Mother Teresa, who will finally be known as Saint Teresa of Kolkata from this Sunday onward. On this occasion, we revisit some of the lessons taught by the missionary. The most important of her lessons, of course, was the power of charitable giving. The following anecdote about her speaks a lot about her thoughts on the topic.

Once Mother was visiting Australia where a newly recruited friar was assigned as her guide and chaperon. This made the young man very happy as he thought he would get a chance to be around and talk to Mother Teresa.

However, Mother had so many meetings and engagements that the young man didn’t get any time to talk to her. Finally, it was her last day in Australia, and she was leaving for New Guinea from the next day. Frustrated that he could not engage in the conversations he intended to with Mother, he asked her if she would talk to him and teach him a few things if he got on the plane and sat next to her.

Surprised by the question, Mother Teresa asked him another one. “Do you have enough money to pay for the air ticket to New Guinea,” she asked the young man. On getting a positive reply on this, she told him, “In that case, you will learn more by giving that money to the poor than by talking to me.”

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