The most unique bachelorette party of the world


For celebrating her upcoming wedding, Jessika Baldwin took some ladies out for coffee, followed by a day at the salon, lunch, a shopping spree, a glamorous photo shoot and then dinner. What’s so unique about this, you ask? That the bride indulged herself and her friends in all these activities along with the elderly residents of a shelter home in Pittsburgh.

It was a day full of pampering attention and love for the ladies who live in the shelter home as they have no families, and no social support of their own. Even her friends helped her indulge the old ladies. They not only brought snacks and drinks for the do, but also insisted on paying for all the new clothes bought while shopping. The best part about this plan was that both the salon and the restaurant where the women had dinner didn’t charge the group when they got to know about Jessika’s way of celebrating her bachelorette party.

Talking to Revelist, the bride-to-be said that she had once been in a tough place in life and understands the importance of being able to go out, have fun and let one’s hair down during such times. In fact, she volunteers at lots of places and considers giving back a lifestyle one chooses for oneself. Jessika hopes that she can inspire others to give back, and celebrate special occasions of their lives with the less fortunate. 

However, you do not need to wait for a special occasion for giving back. You can start right away. All you have to do is follow this link and look for people who are in need of your help.