Doing good can help you stay young and healthy!

You read that right. And, its scientifically proven, too. Research published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that the hormone oxytocin which is released in the human body when one is emotionally happy has physiological effects that effectively slow down aging.

The hormone does this by reducing oxidative stress, which in turn reduces the number of free radical that are known to accelerate the process of aging. It also reduces the inflammation in the cardiovascular system. These are the two things that can adversely affect the heart. So doing good deeds for others is beneficial for your own heart as well.

Oxytocin is also known to release nitric oxide within the cardiovascular system. This causes the blood vessels to expand or dilate, thus, bringing down the blood pressure. All these are the reasons why oxytocin is also called the cardioprotective hormone. The research also suggests a much larger role than discovered or known until then played by oxytocin in the overall wellness of a person.

That means that when you do a kind act, you are not just protecting your heart and slowing down the aging process but also giving yourself a bunch of other unknown benefits. Go on then, indulge yourself by doing a good turn for someone who really needs your help at Crowdera.