Giving out free pizzas and some kindness

What would you do if you won free pizzas for a year? Throw a party all year round, did you say? A young couple from Detroit who won this hamper did exactly the same. However, instead of throwing the party for friends, they shared their winnings with some underprivileged people.

Hannah Spooner and Pete Kadry recently won a competition that gave them access to a year’s worth of free pizzas from Little Caesar worth $500. Even before they entered the contest, the youngsters were clear about one thing – if they win, all the coupons will go to the needy. After the win, they kept their words and gave away all the coupons to an organization that looks after homeless kids and young adults.

When asked about the reason to make the donation, Spooner said that she could not bring herself to eat free pizza knowing that there are people who go to bed hungry because of not being able to afford any food. She added that it was great to see people directly benefitting from her gesture, and their gratitude made it all worth it.

The young couple’s generosity is sure to inspire others. May their tribe increase!

You don’t have to wait to win a lottery or a year’s supply of pizzas to help someone in need, though. You can start right away. Just hop over to Crowdera to find a cause worthy of your help.