The poor boy who became the most famous gynecologist

Dr Howard Kelly is credited with establishing the branch of gynecology. He is also among the founding fathers of one of the world’s most reputed medical institution – John Hopkins Hospital. One of the most well known stories about him is that of a patient who had been kind to him during his childhood when his circumstances were not so fortunate.

He rose to these heights from a very low rung where he started his life. In fact, he worked as a door-to-door salesman as a child. One day while he was working, he felt very hungry. He asked the young woman in the house for a glass of water very hesitatingly.

The woman, however, understood the little boy was hungry. Instead of bringing him water, she offered him a glass of warm milk. After he had finished the milk, Kelly asked the woman how much should he pay for the milk. The woman smiled and said that she didn’t expect any money for an act of kindness.

Several years passed and the young salesboy had become one of the most well known doctors of his time. He once got an elderly woman as a patient. This woman had a very serious and complicated illness which had confused the doctors in her small town and had been referred to the specialist Dr Kelly. Despite the odds, he put his best efforts in the treatment and saved the woman’s life.

When the time for her to be discharged came, he insisted on the bill being sent through him instead of the accounts department of the hospital. When the patient finally got the bill, she was scared that the cost of treatment would be too high. To her surprise, she found that the tab had already been cleared. Towards the bottom of the bill was written this line: “Paid in full with one glass of milk.” It was then that she realised that the doctor treating her was the little boy whom she had once been kind to.

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