This athlete decided to sell off his Olympic medal

Olympic medals are some of the most precious wins for most sportspeople. Polish athlete Piotr Malachowski gave up one of his hard-earned medal to sponsor the treatment of a three-year-old boy suffering from eye cancer.

The discuss thrower had won this medal at the recently-concluded Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro. After coming back home, he was contacted by the mother of Olek Szymanski. She told him that her son has retinoblastoma, a malignant childhood cancer for which he needed to be treated in New York. The cost of the procedure was $126,000 which she needed help in raising.

Soon after the discussion, Malachowski took to Facebook and announced his willingness to auction off his Olympic medal to cover the cost of Olek’s treatment. In the post, he graciously wrote that this was an opportunity from fate for him to increase the value of his medal. He even told his followers and friends that though he fought for the gold medal in Rio but with their help he could fight for something even more important.

Soon enough the richest people in Poland, the brother-sister duo of Sebastian and Dominic Kulczyk. The actual amount for which they bought the medal has not been disclosed. The only thing that the concerned people have said it that it was enough to “meet the goal”. All through the last one month, Malachowski has been keeping his followers updated about Olek’s ongoing treatment.

While it does feel good to be have possessions that one can share with others,  one doesn’t require an Olympic medal to help somebody in need. Nor do you need to be a champion in order to do a good deed. One of the simpler ways is to hop over to Crowdera where many non-profits and needy individuals are awaiting attention and help.