Indore’s startup community gets together to save newborn girl

The moment when one holds their little bundle of joy after much anticipation for months is a precious one. Imagine the state of parents of a newborn girl who are informed that their daughter suffers from a rare disease. This is exactly what happened recently in Indore, India.

The day they held their daughter was supposed to be the happiest day of their life. The celebrations were mired with the sad news that the baby was suffering from a rare viral infection. They were also informed that the treatment would cost them a huge amount, which the young parents can’t afford on their own.

The disease in this case was an infection caused by the Klebsiella virus. This microorganism is a part of the body’s natural ecosystem. However, under special circumstances they take the opportunity to cause an infection in humans. Though a rare condition, it is treatable.

The baby has already undergone a surgery but subsequent treatment is not something her parents can afford. When the start up community of Indore heard about this, they decided to rally in support to the family. It was for this reason that they started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary treatment expenses.

If you wish to contribute towards this cause, follow this link to their crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera.