Prepare for successful crowdfunding during your pre-launch

You may have heard that all through the time that your crowdfunding campaign lasts, you have to work towards its success. However, the work that goes into making a successful campaign starts way before the campaign actually goes live. In fact, it is often the work you put in during the pre-launch period that decides the fate of your campaign.

Here’s a list of tasks that need to be performed prior to launching your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Create a team: Have a dedicated team among whom you can divide the tasks required to be done before, during and after the campaign. Since the initial success of a crowdfunding campaign depends on your crowd or people you know, more number of people being involved also increases the potential crowd. While it is advisable to have a few core people, you can also invite new team members for ad-hoc tasks as and when required. You will need people who can work on the content of the various communications you make, graphics, video editing and those with good network of acquaintances. 
  2. Have good web presence: If you didn’t have them before, you should have pages on important social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Quora), your own website and a blog before you start the campaign. You may only have a small space to tell your story on the content page than your story may merit. Also, there may be people who would want to know details about your organization and its work. The website, blog and social media pages allow you to tell your story just the way you want it told. These will also give you a chance to interact directly with those interested in the project, the organization or the campaign.
  3. Use your crowd: Your crowd includes your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and every other variety of acquaintances. These are people who know you, love you and are most likely to bet on you. Your crowd is where the initial traction for the campaign will come. Not only should you engage them in spreading the word about your campaign, you can also have your first few backers from among them. You can also make the process more formal by creating a mailing list of people you know who are most likely to help or back the project. Write personalized mails to all of them telling them about the campaign and why you are expecting them to help out. 
  4. Social media: Now that you have presence on social media pages, use them to get the attention of the right audience other than your followers. Engage with the communities most likely to support your campaign like the relevant Facebook groups, subreddits or other such internet forums. Make your subsequent social media plans and strategies based on interactions with such communities. At this stage, you can also reach out to some media people. Its not necessary to approach only reporters, you can also approach well known bloggers, YouTubers and the like.
  5. Reward: Whenever possible, give an incentive to the backers for supporting your cause. This may be something as simple as a receipt of the donation so that they can avail a tax exemption, or mentioning their names on your social media platforms. Depending on the work your organization is involved in, you can also throw in some material rewards as a token of appreciation. These can range from keychains and caps to earthenware made by you. Look up some of the campaigns that are similar to yours to get an idea about the popular rewards.

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