Can a random act of kindness make a big impact?

A story that depicts the power of random acts of kindness

Two young boys noticed a man working in the fields as they walked by. They also noticed that his good clothes and shoes were stacked on the side of the farm.

The younger of the two boys felt like pulling a prank on the man by hiding his shoes. “When he comes out of the field and sees the shoes have disappeared, his expressions would be fun to watch,” he said. The other boy replies, “Instead let’s hide a silver dollar in each of the shoe and hide in the bushes. Let’s see what expressions he makes then.”

The boys carries out the latter plan, putting silver coins in the man’s shoes and hiding behind the bushes. Soon, the man came out of the fields and started to get dressed. When he tried putting his shoes on, he felt the coins and bent down to find silver dollars between his toes.

Confused at this finding, the man looked around to see if there was someone who could have dropped the money. He kept staring at the coins which he was now holding in his fingers. Then, he fell down to his knees and and started praying. Thinking he was alone in the fields, he expressed gratitude for his lucky finds aloud before leaving. He was happy that now he could feed his kids well and get his wife’s illness treated.

On hearing his grateful words, the boys felt good that they decided to carry on the second plan. Knowing that their prank would do a poor family in dire situation some good made them happy.

Many a times, random acts of kindness can not just make a difference but alter someone’s entire course of life. So never forget to perform your daily dose of random acts of kindness. You could also log on to Crowdera and look for people and projects that could do with a little help from you.

Story courtesy: Tiny Buddha