Little girl feeds old, homeless man – and he is no longer homeless


All of us are familiar with the sight of homeless and hungry people outside restaurants. We all feel sorry for them for a minute and then continue with our lives. An eight-year-old girl from California also saw the same sight. She could not walk away from the old man. Not only did she ensure that the man got one meal but her action inadvertently united the man with his family.

Ella Scott from Monterey, California was dining at a restaurant with her dad when she saw a hungry looking homeless man outside. Instead of feeling sorry, she decided to decided to do something for his benefit. She readily gave up her own dinner plate, took it outside the restaurant and handed it over to the man. Her father Eddie Scott also encouraged her and told she is amazing for doing something so kind.

In fact, Eddie had recorded the entire episode and shared it over social networks. The video quickly became viral gathering more than 44 million views. It also reached the family of the old man who are eternally grateful to the Scotts.

The man, it turns out, was David Salkowski who is a war veteran suffering from PTSD. His sister Roseanne told all this to Eddie over the phone. All through the phone call, she kept crying profusely as she had not seen her brother since he left home in Philadelphia six months ago. The family didn’t have any idea of the whereabouts of Salkowski or whether he was alright. Eddie is now working towards reuniting David with his family. 

Little Ella has touched a lot of lives, and inspired many more to do good. She has truly shown us the power of a random act of kindness. If you are inspired to do something similar, go over to Crowdera where many a needy people are waiting for a similar helping hand.


Watch the video that Eddie Scott uploaded to his Facebook page