Chan, Zuckerberg believe in sharing their wealth with the world

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscillia Chan’s pledge to cure all diseases in their daughter’s lifetime has been making waves for the last couple of days. People may have various opinions on the possibility and the morality of the move. However, nobody can deny that medical research can make good use of every cent coming from the Facebook. And this is not the first or only social cause embraced by the power couple of the tech world.

One of the very first tasks taken up by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was Andela. Through this talented youngsters in Africa are trained to become software developers and get places with corporations in Silicon Valley. In 2010, Zuckerberg gave away a $100 million to improve the school system in Newark, New Jersey. He is also one of the signatories of The Giving Pledge through which many millionaires and billionaires have promised to give away half their wealth to charity.

Subsequently, he donated 18 million shares of Facebook valued around $500 million to Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2013. He has done this on several occasions. Sometimes donating and at others selling off the shares of the company for charitable causes. Last December after the birth of their daughter Maxima, Zuckerberg and Chan pledged to donate 99% of the Facebook shares to charity. At the time the shares amounted to $45 billion.

In an endearing letter that speaks about the vision of the world Chan and he want their daughter to grow up in, Zuckerberg chalked out a long plan on what needs to be done and how. So far, it seems that the doting parents have stuck to their promises to the little one. They have plans to invest in fields like education and healthcare with the aim of improving the life of everybody in Max’s generation. Here’s wishing them all the very best in this Herculean task.

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