Adding life to the days of cancer patients

Watching a loved one through a terminal disease and eventually losing them can be a tough ride. Such an experience can break the most strong ones among us. However, when Ranu Gupta lost her father after a nine year battle with oral cancer, she decided to help other people in similar situations. In January, she launched an organization that would help the cancer patients in every possible way.

Ranu has seen from close quarters how cancer can wreak havoc in the life of victims and their families. She and her brother were schoolkids when their father was detected with buccal (oral) cancer. The course of their entire lives changed completely because of the illness since he was the family’s only earning member. Their mother decided to take care of the family business and her husband. She didn’t let her children’s education suffer due to the difficult circumstances. Three years ago, Ranu’s father passed away.

“That very day, I had decided that I will do something to help needy cancer patients. We aim to provide every cancer patient all the help in terms of getting the right treatment and financial aid through our organization My Sanika Cancer Care Society,” said Ranu about the organization she runs with the help of her family.

In fact, the organization was launched on the first birthday of her son Kabeer. He also happens to be the youngest donor of My Sanika. He gives away all the gifts that he receives to needy patients. “This is also our way of teaching him the importance of giving back to the society,” said Ranu.

India has a huge number of cancer patients who choose to discontinue their treatment due to lack of funds, ignorance or sometimes belief in faith healing. My Sanika helps needy patients by raising funds for their treatment, organizes advocacy and awareness programs. In nine months of their existence, they have organized six fundraisers in their native city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh in India including a fashion show, a drawing competition and a happiness workshop.

My Sanika is now raising funds to aid needy patients from their state through Crowdera. You can contribute to their campaign here.