Best of times and worst of times!

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  English novelist Charles Dickens declared this in the opening line of his book ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. He was describing the conditions in eighteenth century Europe. Two British academicians from believe that the description fits the current times as well.

We may only be able to think of wars, hatred and ideological differences to define the current times by. However, Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna Oxford Martin School have more pleasing things to say. In their new book ‘Age of Discovery’, they point out that all the positives. Life expectancy has increased more in the last five decades than it did in the entire millennium before that, the average person is better educated, not as many children are prone to dying as they were ever before and global poverty has reduced considerably. They also numbers to support each one of their claims.

The researchers say that this is not the first time that the world is reeling under negative aspects of globalization. Drawing a parallel to Renaissance, they said that technological progress often brings along social inequality, extremism and oppression.

The most important take away from the book is that, “These conditions create an ideal habitat for ideas and genius to flourish, and that flourishing is well under way. Science and technology has never been closer to flipping our basic condition from scarcity to abundance.” They concluded that if enough people with the goodwill and ability get together, it is possible to solve all the problems of our times and some of those from the future.

At Crowdera, too, we believe in solving global problems, starting with those of individuals and communities. You can be a part of the solution, too! Donate to a worthy cause, and make it the best of times for someone.