Drew Barrymore – From being Charlie’s Angel to a real angel

In a couple of weeks, Drew Barrymore will be honored with Courage to Care award. This one comes to her for her dedication to child-related issues. And that is a very apt title for the ‘Charlies’ Angels’ actress. She endorses many a causes that aim to improve the lives of children, especially those from the less privileged backgrounds.

Though called The Ultimate Girl-Next Door, Barrymore is anything but ordinary. Not only because she has lived an unconventional life, but she has overcome all her personal tragedies and emerged as a true angel for those in need, especially kids. Through organizations like UNICEF, SPCA, Red Cross and Raising Malawi, she has been supporting causes like human rights, poverty, animal rights, HIV/AIDS and human trafficking.

Barrymore is especially supportive of several issues related to children. In fact, the award she will be receiving on October 15 honors her commitment to Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. The young inmates of the hospital await her annual Mothers’ Day event. Through Drew Barrymore Education Foundation, she is ensuring that rural communities in Kenya get education and access to clean water.

As the ambassador of the United Nations World Food Programme, Barrymore has visited Africa several times. In 2008, she gave a $ 1 million to help feed the African kids. She is also a supporter of Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization that promotes injury prevention and child safety. Drew is also a vocal supporter of equality and gay right movement. In fact, Drew had participated in several protest rallies when gay marriage was made illegal in California.

When asked about her philanthropic work, she had told an interviewer, “I know that life can be so absolutely, incredibly difficult. I want to explore and become more socially aware.”

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