A bright student needs help to fulfill his ambitions

India is full of bright people who are suffer setbacks in their lives and careers because of lack of resources. Mumbai-based Yogesh Thembe is one such kid whose education is suffering due to financial constraints.

At a very important juncture of his career, his entire focus must be on preparing for the Board examinations that he is due to appear for. Instead he is ridden with fear that he may have to drop out of school. He was all set for one of the most important academic years of his life. However, his sponsors pulled away the financial support they were providing him. This meant that his school could cancel his admission if the fee is not paid soon.

Yogesh’s father works as a janitorial staff in a small office. His measly earning of Rs 15,000 a month barely cover the cost of living in the big city. The sponsorship was the reason that they could afford to put Yogesh through school. After the sponsors backed off, the family has had to face the embarrassment for not paying the due fees on time.

In class ten board examination, Yogesh had scored 95%. He has been studying hard for the last year. He aims to get similarly high scores in the next board exams as well. Yogesh aspires to use his education to build a successful career and help his family live a better life. All these dreams and aspirations have been struck by a huge jolt since the financial support was taken away from them.

Indore’s startup community came to know about the problems being faced by Yogesh. They decided to help him in any way they can. The result was a campaign being floated on Crowdera to collect the necessary funds to take care of Yogesh’s education.

You can help Yogesh, too! Contribute to the campaign, share it with your friends and spread the word.