Do perks perk up your crowdfunding campaign?

Rewards or perks offered by fundraisers for crowdfunding campaign are becoming more creative each day. But is this something that really makes a difference in the success of your campaign?

Yes, they do. Research and analysis of successful campaigns has shown that perks raise the chances of success. While there are many reasons for people to support a crowdfunding campaign, good rewards often perk up the traffic of backers. In fact, perks and rewards bring in more backers to some campaigns.

It is one way of showing a backer that their contribution is valued. A reward is a material reminder of their timely contribution to your cause. A token of appreciation, a memento that the contributor can keep and show off. This doesn’t need to be a very expensive gift. A simple T-shirt, key chain, or cap designed especially to give out to the contributors of the crowdfunding campaign will do.

A perk may not be tangible or material but it gives the backer a sense of happiness, pride or both. It may be as simple as naming the backer on your social media platforms, and thanking them publicly for their contribution. In a crowdfunding campaign for an artistic project, particularly generous donors can be given some kind of artistic tribute as well.

Perks and rewards help to set your campaign apart from the others. They give it a character and a personality.

Even if the campaign is run by a nonprofit or for an altruistic cause, it is always possible to have some sort of reward. For example, a hand written ‘Thank You’ note from one of the beneficiaries. Or inviting them over to spend time with the beneficiaries to see the changes they have been instrumental in bringing.

Whatever the rewards are, they should resonate with your campaign or organization.

Now that you know the importance of perks, plan out some perks while you are planning a crowdfunding campaign. And when you are through with that, go over to Crowdera to raise money FREE.