Good story telling is important in crowdfunding

Words have the power to move mountains. And to move your crowdfunding campaign. A really compelling crowdfunding story can encourage more people to support your campaign. Therefore, working on a good story content is among the most important preparations before launching your crowdfunding campaign.

Of course, there are other elements that make your campaign more attractive. However, the written word of the content is the backbone of the campaign. It is, after all, the first thing that draws people’s attention towards your campaign.

Though all this may make writing the story a daunting task, you need not be afraid. There are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure that the story of your crowdfunding campaign is inspiring and moving. 


  1. Complete information: The story must be able to answer any and every question that comes to the mind of a reader or donor. This is easily done by following the formula of ‘Five Ws and an H’ (Who, What, When, Why, Where, How).
  2. Incentive: People are more likely to donate to your campaign if there are some incentives in doing so. These  could be in the form of some rewards or perks. If there are any other benefits that a backer can reap, speak about them very clearly.
  3. KISS: None of us like to go through several long-winding sentences before understanding the point of a written communication. Use the Keep It Simple and Short (KISS) principle of using short sentences and paragraphs. Communicate everything concisely.
  4. Formatting: Give attention to how the campaign page looks by using tools like headline, making the text bold or in italics. Use photographs to break the monotony. Or take inspiration from Fanzwood who personalized the entire campaign page beautifully.
  5. Video summary: Make sure to add a short video that gives a summary of the entire story. It helps those who don’t have enough patience to read through the entire story. The videos also make a deeper connection to the more interested readers.
  6. Links: Make sure to include links to your social media pages and the website of your organization. The project you are raising funds for may only be one of the many things you are engaged in. These links help to present the readers a more holistic and wholesome view of all your works.

Before you start your campaign, make sure to check your crowdfunding story for these characteristics. When you are done with this all-important task, come over to Crowdera to raise free funds.