Prison inmates who serve the underprivileged

The image of convicts, even former convicts, in mass media is not a very favorable one. What would your reaction be if I told you about prison inmates who are providing valuable contributions to the society? That is exactly what’s happening in Brazil.

Relocation Center Prisons there are involving inmates in farming activities. The prisoners don’t consume the yield of their hard work, like in many prisons across the world. Instead, they donate the produce to people from underprivileged backgrounds. Beneficiaries of the prisoner’s produce also include children in vulnerable situations. They have been growing onions, lettuce, broccoli, cassava, tomatoes, cabbages and other vegetables.

The program started seven months ago. Since then, the appearance of the prison yards have changed completely. People from nearby towns also pitched in. One town donated a tractor, one donated seeds, one equipment and experts from another gave the farmers their services.

“Besides punishing, the goal of any prison is to widen the inmates perspectives of what the future holds for them,” said the director of the prison Tatiane Costa while talking about the initiative. She also believes that such activities will help the convicts in avoiding being involved in crime again.

And the trick seemed to have worked as well. Many prisoners have admitted to feeling good about helping others. They find working on the farm therapeutic. Hopefully, this will help them become better people themselves as well.

Isn’t it wonderful? That we live in a world where even convicts are helping to make things better for the less fortunate. If they can do this much, can’t we all make some contributions towards improving the lives of others? Well, what’s stopping you? Start right now. Come over to Crowdera where you will come across many a people whose lives would be different with some help from you.