The Matt Damon Legacy – Crusading for Causes

We know him as the badass Jason Bourne, and his ‘tiff’ with Jimmy Kimmel. However, Matt Damon has created a legacy other than that of a multiple award winning actor. For the last one week, he has been in news for fighting with Ben Affleck for Tom Brady’s friendship. All this is his way of making people aware about the charities that he supports.

Damon’s commitment to making clean water accessible to people from third world countries has earned him the nickname ‘waterman’. His commitment to this cause is so strong that he created a charitable organization called H2O Africa Foundation. Three years later, it merged with WaterPartners to create in July 2009.

He believes that every person needs to find out some way of making the world a better place. Matt chose water and sanitation as his during a trip to Africa. It made him upset to see that what is a basic facility in the modern world was unavailable to people there. He has visited many countries to spread awareness in the seven years of working for the cause. And, he has come up with wacky ways to raise funds for it. 

Though totally committed to the cause of providing access to clean water to millions of people in economically backward  countries, Damon is also connected with many other causes. He has spoken out against violence and wars. Matt co-founded Not On Our Watch Project with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub. Together, they work towards preventing mass atrocities like that happened in Darfur.

Damon also supports organizations like ONE Campaign, which fighting AIDS and poverty in Third World countries and ONEXONE, a nonprofit foundation committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children. Other organizations he supports include Feeding America, UNICEF, Ante Up for Africa and Save The Children among others. Causes he supports include cancer, hunger, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, disadvantaged youngsters and environment.

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