Using e-mails for the success of your crowdfunding campaign

Did you know that around 60% of your crowdfunding goal can be achieved through sending out e-mails? Yes, one of the oldest forms of digital conversations remains as effective even today. No wonder that businesses around the world are using email marketing extensively.

Even without being a marketing genius, you can use emails to get a good traction towards your crowdfunding campaign, too! We have compiled a few pointers that can help you do just that.


  1. Make a list – Sit down and make a list of email addresses of all you family, friends and acquaintances. EVERYONE you know or have known who are likely to help. 
  2. Subject line – Whether someone opens your mail or not is largely determined by the subject line. It should be to the point, attractive and must give them a peek into what they are about to read. Do not use clickbaiting lines that do not deliver. 
  3. Evoke and engage – Once they open it, what they read must evoke a certain response from the recipient. In case of crowdfunding, it should inspire them to contribute. Also, it should seem like a conversation they are having with the sender. 
  4. Don’t spam – Some of the recipients will either respond or reach out in other ways. Keep them in the loop of all developments. Others may not be all that interested. Make sure you don’t write mails that peeve people off. 
  5. Time it well – The first e-mail must go out much before the campaign goes live, and should be followed up with at least one mail a couple of days before the launch. At regular intervals during the campaign, send out e-mails to update old backers and generate new ones. 
  6. Personalize – The e-mail must read like you are addressing the recipient personally. This helps in forging a better connection between the recipient and the campaign. Address them by name in the salutations line as well as somewhere else in the body of the mail. You can do this easily through simple tools like mail merge. 
  7. End with a bang – Or a Call To Action (CTA). Basically, tell them what you expect the recipient to do. You can also ask them to help you connect with other people who may be interested in the campaign. 

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