Using your team for successful crowdfunding

For any organization, its human resources are among the most invaluable assets. Its no different for crowdfunding campaign. There are some obvious benefits in involving more people in the campaign. 


  • Having more members increases the reach of the campaign with every member reaching out to his own crowd.
  • Every member on board brings in a different set of skills that can be made use of. 
  • The responsibilities can be evenly divided among team members.
  • Even a large goal can become more achievable when broken down into smaller amounts.

Now that we have established the benefits of teaming up, lets give you some real life examples. You know that Crowdera allows a campaign owner to invite their friends as team members. In fact, the owner can even invite people to be co-owners of the campaign.

There is also an option for any interested person to join in on their own accord. However, they will require to be validated by the owner or co-owner to join in.

These are two campaigns from Crowdera that used this feature really well. 

  1. The Relay: Two Cents of Hope is nonprofit comprises of techies based across USA who help kids from underprivileged backgrounds in India get access to education. In 2015, they started their first campaign on Crowdera. It had 53 members joining in the fundraising efforts! Being able use the social circles of all members, TCH was able to raise 22% more than their target. Contributions came in from 500 donors belonging to 12 different countries. Next year again, they ran a similar campaign. This time there were 42 team members and a higher target than before. Still, they were able to surpass the goal yet again.
  2. Saving Prajwala: This Indian non-profit is run by internationally renowned anti-sex trafficking activist Dr Sunitha Krishnan. It helps rescue girls from the flesh trade, and helps to rehabilitate them. For construction of a shelter home for these rescued girls, the organization raised more than $2,20,000 with more than a month left for the deadline. More than 200 donors from 27 countries contributed to the campaign that had 11 team members working on it. 

While fundraising for an organization, remember to use your team and Crowdera’s team feature to get the maximum possible success in crowdfunding. Happy FREE crowdfunding to you!