Using Facebook to promote your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is not a new phenomenon that mankind came upon recently. It has been in existence for centuries. But it sure has undergone a digital makeover. Everybody from startups to nonprofits are taking advantage of this digitalization.

Since the process of fundraising has gone on to the world wide web, shouldn’t the process of asking donations, too? While planning to run a crowdfunding campaign, one can not ignore the social media. Among the many social media platforms, Facebook is one that sure play a major role. Here’s a few ways of how you can make good use of the platform.


  • The Ask: Take some time and plan the kind of posts you want to put up for the campaign. Have a few of them written in advance. (These can be changed if and when required. But having a reserve of posts ready can come in handy.) Be very clear in your posts about what you are describing the action expected of the readers.
  • Schedule: Decide whether you want to put up posts once a day, twice or at any other frequency. You can even make use of hashtags related to the day of the week the post is being made. This can also help make the posts thematic.
  • Update: Make sure that you tell all your followers about any and every new development in the organization or your campaign. If you have mentioned something in a post, make sure to follow up the conversation at a regular basis.
  • Interact: Reply to people commenting on any post. Tag people who always follow you and comment on your post. You can even end your posts with a line directly addressing the followers.
  • Involve: Reach out to the Facebook groups relevant to your cause. Ask the members there to help you with the campaign. This can also help bring more followers into your fold.
  • Enhance: Use pictures, videos, hashtags and any other means that will grab attention.
  • Reflect: When you create a Facebook page, you can make use of Facebook Insights that tell you the reach and engagements of your posts. You can use this to analyze the popularity of the posts which can help improve the future posts.

Now that you have learnt about some Facebook hacks for promoting a crowdfunding campaign, why don’t you create one? In fact, you can even raise funds FREE on Crowdera.