Promoting your crowdfunding campaign

When planning a crowdfunding campaign, the first people you reach out to are your family, friends and acquaintances. But after that, you need to plan on promoting it among other possible backers too.

Bringing the crowd into crowdfunding requires a good strategy. After all, the chances of your crowdfunding campaign succeeding increase with the number of people who know about it. So here, we have compiled a list of places that you must include in your plans of promoting the campaign.


  • Facebook – Facebook not only helps you to reach out to people you know, but it can give you access to billions of strangers as well. If you can reach out to groups and pages like Crowdfund Genius, Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing and such that can help you put the word across to a lot more people than you can.
  • Twitter – On Twitter, you can make use of hashtags (do some research on the relevant ones beforehand). You can also reach out to people who you not know but who can help you reach a wider audience. These are called influencers and are usually people with a big number of followers. You can even look up for some of the visible lists of influencers.
  • Reddit – There are many subreddits that help you reach just the right audience to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Subreddits like crowdfunding, crowdfunding_US, civic crowdfunding and even niche forums like nonprofits and charity can help.
  • Google+ – This platform also has some very active groups like charity that can help reach out to people who would be interested in your campaign. You can also look up for the other groups that are relevant to your cause.
  • Tumblr, Instagram – These platforms also help you drive traffic to your campaign, Facebook or YouTube pages through the right tags.
  • Blogs – Even before starting the campaign, make a list of blogs that write on topics close to your fundraising cause. Start sending out mails to those bloggers describing your campaign. You can also reach out to them through their social media accounts.
  • Newspapers – Local media can help a lot if they write a story about your campaign. Newspapers, radio, TV stations in your city can help create a connection with all citizens who may then see the campaign and its success as their own.
  • Websites – Websites with viral content like Buzzfeed, Wittyfeed, Medium, etc can also be used to tell people about your campaign. You can contact some contributors on these websites or become one yourself. Plan well in advance how many times during the campaign’s run are you going to use such platforms.
  • After you have made the necessary plans for promoting your crowdfunding campaign, head over to Crowdera to start raising money for FREE.